To Close For Comfort

Turning The Tides

Andy Desmond

Fickle Heart

The Games Up

Loz Netto's Bzar

You Are Rhythm

Loz Netto

Boo Mania


Let's Fool Around

Astronauts & Heretics

Thru my Eyes

Perfect World

All the Kings Men

170 Not Out

Simple Jack

Hauptsache Wind

Drifting Peacefull

Atmospheric Guitar Moods

Crime Scene Investigation-2


Country USA-Dobro/Banjo

Lifestyles Leisure

Bridge of Dreams

In The Name of Change

Blues Rock: Volume One

New Romantics






Andy Desmond

Sniff 'n' the Tears

Sniff 'n' the Tears

Loz Netto

Loz Netto

Loz Netto

Betty Boo

Lene Lovich

Loz Netto

Thomas Dolby

Bret Robertson

Loz Netto

Tower Struck Down

Colonel Hathi

Loz Netto

Dziuks Kuche

Loz Netto

Loz Netto

Loz Netto

Loz Netto

Loz Netto

Loz Netto

The Loz Netto Band

James Salvoni

Loz Netto

Loz Netto

Loz Netto

Label & Date


C.B.S Records - 1972

C.B.S Records - 1973

Ariola Records - 1974

Ace Records - 1976

Ace Records - 1978

21 Records/Polydor - 1982

21 Records/Polydor - 1984

Atlantic Records - 1986

Rhythm King Records - 1989

Pathfinder Records - 1989

Simmons Records - 1990

Warner Bro's - 1992

Andy's Records - 1994

L.N Productions - 1994

Reaction Records - 1996

Off it Records - 1996

L.N Productions - 1999

Wolftone Music (Berlin) - 2001

Carlin Music - 2001

DeWolfe Music - 2003

Carlin Music - 2004

L.N Productions - 2007

Carlin Music - 2007

Warner/Chapell - 2010

FeralBoy Records - 2010

Ace Records-2012

Soho Production Music-2012

Universal Music-2013

Universal Music-2014

Loz has also had song's covered by:

Chaka Khan, album title: 'Chaka Khan'

Joe Walsh, album title:'The Confessor'

Two of Loz's songs 'We Touch' and 'Any Fool' were heavily featured in the Hollywood movie remake of 'And God Created Woman'

'We Touch' was also featured in the Miami Vice TV show, episode 'The Noon Plane'

More recently: Kool Keith (L.A rap artiste) sampled 'Slow Dancing' from The Loz Netto's Bzar album.

Border Crossing a new UK act sampled one of Loz's instrumental's and dropped it into their current album, which recieved top rating in MOJO, 4 star rating The Times, Top review The Independent. Unfortunately I can't claim all the glory but I'll try. Good album guy's.