Reviews For The Loz Netto Band album 2010 'Bridge of Dreams'

Blues Matters Magazine, issue 57, Dec 2010 to Jan 2011
The Loz Netto Band
Bridge of Dreams, Feral Boy Records

I didn’t know Loz Netto from Adam, but listening to this C.D I now have respect for a man who has taken everything that life has thrown at him, and still comes out fighting. I could come out with all sort of clichés about the musician having actually felt the blues ( and there’s no doubt he has), but for someone to be able to produce this quality after the punches ( some of them have been “low blows”) he’s taken from life is the mark of a real fighter! Enough of the boxing analogies,
the combination of the man himself, Nigel Ball and Rob Kenny have produced a sparkling album which crosses some genres but is essentially a Rock and Blues production. Netto’s own composition “Bridge of Dreams” opens the album with dexterity of playing that sets a very high standard for himself. Unsurprisingly he maintains it throughout and it is perfectly complimented with the Bass fretwork of Ball and the sympathetic drum playing of Kenny! Netto has a blues
voice to die for and “Dixie Chicken” on track 4 is raw and gutsy both vocally and musically. “Wild” is a perfect example on the penultimate track, of sharp lyrics superb guitar playing and percussion in total harmony. This is top stuff from start to finish; I’ll be looking out for more from this slick moving fighter. I couldn’t resist the last boxing cliché - sorry!!

Tom Walker


Guitarist Magazine. Nov 19th 2010
The Loz Netto Band, ‘Bridge of Dreams’ 4 stars
Feralboy Records.

Loz Netto returns with this bluesy three-piece. His Southern sounding slide workouts are ingenious at times, and the highlights are covers of Little Feat’s Dixie Chicken and Lord Cooder’s Get Rhythm. This is quality slide alright. (BW)

Classic Rock Magazine. Nov 2010
A weather-beaten journeyman previously scouted by Ahmet Ertegun and Gene Simmons, Loz Netto at his best is a lovely, languid guitarist and belting vocalist. Henry Yates.

Maverick Magazine Review: Nov 18th 2010
The Loz Netto Band
FeralBoy Records LNPCD08

Dripping with rocking sweat that is the product of many years of hard work
The album consists of nine songs with many certainly hitting the spot.
Recorded live, Loz’s guitar on Wild soothes the soul in a tune ideal for a late night listen. Although this band is in their infancy, here’s hoping that they at least reach their teens for the awesome sound they create is simply remarkable.
To those who don’t know, Loz Netto should be regarded as a British legend. RH

Adrian Phillips

Bridge of Dreams - The Loz Netto Band Album Review, September 2010
Until I was sent 'Bridge of Dreams' to review I knew nothing about Loz Netto (apart from his name sounding like a budget supermarket) but I'm now fully aware that he's a cracking blues/rock guitarist with a voice you could easily mistake for Clapton's. Recorded live and in the studio 'Bridge of Dreams' has a wonderful earthy feel to it and leaves your ears knowing they've had a good time.

Fatea Magazine. October 2010
The Loz Netto Band
Album:Bridge Of Dreams

"Bridge Of Dreams" Has got a really live feel to it, and feels like it's trying to reach across that gap that takes the mundane into the good times. There's a freedom that flows off the fretboards and into the room, aided and abbetted by the man on the kit. This is a classic, guitar, bass, drum trio out to have a good time. It bristles with good times, correction, great times.

Get Ready to ROCK! Album Reviews (Oct 2010)
THE LOZ NETTO BAND Bridge Of Dreams Feral Boy Records

Best known for his stint in the chart topping Sniff & the Tears, he's worked with industry big hitters
including Ben E King, recorded for George Martin, been signed by Atlantic's Ahmed Ertegun, produced by Colin Thurston (Duran Duran) and he even got himself a deal with Gene Simmons's label for some movie soundtracks. He's back with an album that sparkles in parts. 'Bridge of Dreams is packed full of edgy 'live in the studio' workouts - and there's an undoubted bluster and real vigour to the playing. The album opens with the whammy bar dramatics of the title tack and muscularly works its way towards another highlight, a funky cover of Bill Withers', 'Use Me Up'. The eloquent guitar lines and his durable rhythm section see him home. When the trio kicks in they really work up a head of steam and a tension building dynamic that is thoroughly explored by Loz's dynamic guitar breaks. 'Wild' is a kick ass band at full stretch showing what they are capable of in the studio. And that is exactly what he does and as if to square the circle the closing funky groove of 'What U Dun' is the perfect meeting of structure, harmonics and improvisation. As it is, the trio's vibrant interplay alone merits 4 stars. ****
Review by Pete Feenstra
Review 27th Oct 2010
“Bridge Of Dreams”

(Feral Boy Records – LNPCD08) “Bridge Of Dreams” is a nine-track album – three originals and six covers – recorded at various venues and in a rehearsal studio over the last two years, with no overdubs and nothing beyond two takes, just the trio playing live, all featuring Netto’s tough guitar and vocals and the driving rhythm section behind him, just three musicians enjoying themselves! The opening title cut, “Bridge Of Dreams”, is an instrumental dominated by Loz Netto’s guitar, an atmospheric, moody piece, with the pace taken up on a rocking version of the John Lee Hooker classic “This Is Hip”, with some fine slide guitar work.
The timeless “Dixie Chicken”, grooves along nicely courtesy of the slide guitar and the rhythm section of Nigel Ball and Rob Kenny. another slide guitar showcase on “Wild”, with a rockabilly backbeat, and some more driving funk on the closing live cut “What U Dun” . .. it’s five and a half minutes giving the trio plenty of time and space to stretch out. GRAHAME RHODES

Blues in Britain Mag 3rd November 2010
The Loz Netto band-Bridge of Dreams
Feralboy Records LNPCD08

Singer and guitarist Loz leads his bass man Nigel Ball and drummer Rob Kenny through a nicely raw and spirited set of borrowings and three originals on this CD. Though the opener (Incidentally the title track) is a tough guitar instrumental work-out a little reminiscent of the very early seventies, this is by no means a ‘typical’ blues set. That is not just because Loz includes a couple of excellent covers of Little Feat material, complete with sinuous whining slide guitar and laconic vocals. He also turns in a distinctive, blues rendition of Johnny Cash’s ‘Get Rhythm’ from 1956, whilst Bill Withers, ‘Use me Up’ is given the tough treatment, though remaining quite space-y. In more familiar territory maybe, he tackles John Lee Hooker’s ‘This is Hip’ leaving just enough of the Boogie Man to remind you who wrote it but ensuring it is no by rote copy. Keb’ Mo’s ‘Am I Wrong’ chugs along nicely. Loz’s own brace which finish the album are also more rock-inflected. This is a CD that extols the virtues of simplicity in it’s production and presentation. But then who needs over-produced blues. Netto-Blues-speak for ‘not bad at all’! Rating: 8- Norman Darwen

Round Up Time
Blabber and Smoke
December 11, 2010 by Paul Kerr
The Loz Netto Band. Bridge of Dreams.

While Blabber ‘n’ Smoke has a deep love and respect for blues music it has to be said that the majority of modern electric blues doesn’t rock the boat here. Going back to the roots of country blues is often appreciated (see the recent Tom Feldman review for example) but it’s far too easy to slip into a copycat mode and few artists have achieved the power and visceral feel of blues since the likes of John Campbell, Rainer Ptacek and Stevie ray Vaughn (all sadly deceased).
This Loz Netto chap however is intriguing. With a history going back to London pub rock with the bands Moon and Sniff ‘n’ the Tears (remember the great Drivers Seat) and a cover of Little Feat’s Dixie Chicken on the album it begged a listen. On the face of it The Loz Netto Band are a typical three-piece blues band. However the opening song Bridge of Dreams is like the soundtrack to a film noir classic,
As I said, intriguing. In fact there are no routine 12 bar blues here with covers of Alan Toussaint’s On Your Way Down and Lowell George’s Dixie Chicken owing more to the New Orleans southern soul slink that does fill our heart with wonder. With a nod to Ry Cooder in their cover of Cash’s Get Rhythm the band overall are tight and the fatback guitar sound employed by Netto is a welcome reminder of the great Danny Adler and Roogalator, another staple of those long lost pub rock years. Get hip and enjoy some gumbo here. Paul Kerr



Having First Seen them play at AMOC North Surrey's Summer Party, then booking them for our own second anniversary party on the strength of that performance and then again seeing them play at AMOC North Surrey's October Party. We have pretty much decided that The LOZ NETTO BAND. Gets our vote for the best band we saw in 2009. The Video's below are just for reference, as good as they are they by no means do justice to the bands live performances. Trust us if your into Rock 'n' Blues with a modern twist then this band is simply brilliant, but you don't have to take our word for it. So if you get the chance check them out. They're a must see!

Jon .Vice President

New Crawdaddy Blues Club
review written by Mike Lightfoot
20th August 2009- LOZ NETTO BAND
Every now and then Paul Dean pulls a rabbit out of the hat and this evening
was no exception. The only thing that most of the audience new about Loz
Netto was 'Driver's Seat' from a previous band, Sniff 'n' The Tears. By the
time we went home, we'd been treated to an evening of top quality blues,
heavily influenced by the great Little Feat.

The band used their opening number as a sound check.
By the time we'd got to the Ann Peebles classic 'I can't stand the Rain' the
sound was sorted and the band shifted up a gear. With Bass player Nigel Ball
playing like a lead guitarist and some very funky drumming (I didn't get the
drummers name--sorry!!) Loz had ample room to demonstrate just what a superb
guitarist he is. Highlights?? 'Crossroads' (a Loz original) , Keb Mo's 'Am I
Wrong' and 'Dixie Chicken'. I look forward to seeing these guys again and

Loz Netto 'Replay'

Reviewed by Grahame Rhodes, 24th Sep 2009

The 12 tracks here are all in a similar vein-a laid back stew of blues, funk, and soul. The opening 'Crossroads' is a benchmark for what follows - a smooth bluesy groove. 'Waiting For You' has some nice slow blues guitar and a Southern soul feel, 'Cruel Streak' is a swampy blues song, with the album closer 'Slide Of Hand' being a lovely guitar instrumental, very nice indeed, with touches of influences such as Ry Cooder and Lowell George.

Loz Netto 'Replay'

Reviewed by Joe Geesin, Sep 2009

When he signed to Atlantic, it was done personally by Ahmet Ertigun - no mean feat. Chaka Khan, Rick James, Joe Walsh, and Kenny Rodgers have all covered Netto's songs. This new album definitely has a Bluesy feel, with a commercial soul and MOR feel. Pretty much everything is played by Netto, but some songs could easily be a four or five piece band in a dark and smoky bar. Some of the deep backing vocal harmonies are reminiscent of The Drifters. The guitar remaining intricate and Bluesy, From folk to to Blues to Soul and even Delta Blues the album is gentle yet varied.


First Time Around

LOZ NETTO' Bzar, 21 Records T1-1-9003 (Polygram). Produced by Colin Thurston. Singer/songwriter Loz Netto is well familiar with the dance groove and the clever use of synthesizers, but you can tell he has aspirations beyond that, both musically and lyrically. You can hear his accomplishments falling short of his ambitions. He is in search of a Gary Numan type apotheosis, and his quest may attract a cult.



Dave Sholin's Personal Picks

Fade Away -Loz Netto (21/Polygram)

Intro grabbed my attention right away (a feat in itself) and held it through the entire

3 ½ minutes of this first rate production. Catch the vocal slurring of the line "Fade Away" as if it were one word. Simply a great radio record from the former guitarist in Sniff 'n; the Tears (Driver's Seat).


Billboard, July 2, 1983

Billboard's Recommended LPs


Now that Loz Netto has hit the charts, he doesn't have to run away from home anymore. The singer/songwriter, whose debut single, 'Fade Away', moves to 82 on the current Hot 100, tried valiantly to escape his native Coventry, England, as a teen, only to return, penniless, some months later. But rock star dreams aren't easily daunted, and Netto finally scored as a guitarist with sniff 'N the Tears, which scored a worldwide hit last year with 'Driver's Seat'.

'Loz Netto's Bzar', his debut album for 21 Records, marketed by Polygram, features 'Fade Away', with synthesized effects coordinated by producer Colin Thurston, who has guided David Bowie and, more recently, Duran Duran. Players on the disk include bassist Ian Maidman, drummer Luigi Salvoni and keyboardist Johnathan Cole.

'I wrote the lyrics with an awareness of video' says Netto, who believes 'the new breed of musicians will be actors, too'.


BMG Music, Canada, October 21st 1988

Hi Loz,

Just wanted to let you know that Gene Simmons was in town and gave me the pleasure of hearing some great refreshing new music. I heard about 6 or 7 tracks of your sound and I must tell you it has been a very long time since I was blown away right from the first listen ! I can't wait until we get the pleasure of turning on all of Canada to your music.

Keep up the great work. This material is better than fantastic. I look forward to meeting you soon. Take care.

Ken Bain

National Video/Artist Relations MGR.





BZAR 'Loz Netto '21 Records/Polygram TL-1-9003 'Producer: Colin Thurston ' List: 8.98

Starting off with a fast-paced stepper called 'Fade Away', Loz Netto proceeds on this LP to take his audience on trips tro the Orient in 'Show Me' ('I love you when you're full of Eastern promise,' goes one line) and around the world to Martinique on 'Rhythm Boys' ('A Latin lover does the peacock dance for a French girl but there's no chance.') Along the way are mysterious threats, ambushes, blackmail, waves of passion and other intense situations. Tailor made for DOR and alternative programmers, 'BZAR' offers a weird 'special effects' sheen through the use of synths, sorted rhythm boxes and bizarre backing vocals.


Melody Maker, April 28, 1984

LOZ NETTO: 'You Are Rhythm' (21).

A man called Mark Berry has produced this, and he's given it the works. In an orgy of knob-twiddling, he sends it out of the speakers amid a hail of electronics, furious percussive wars and strange growling vocals. Behind all that the song scarcely seems to matter, but the title is repeated a lot, the power relentless and the impact not inconsiderable. With the requisite number of brandies inside me, I might even be persuaded to shake a tail-feather to this one.


Albums Of The Week

Reviewed by Ron Fell

"Bzar"-Loz Netto (21 Records/Polygram)

As lead guitarist in Sniff 'n' the Tears (DRIVER'S SEAT), Loz was there when modern music was still in it's pubescent period. S 'n' T was accepted as a novelty. In the three years since, modern music has become an entire format. "Bzar" exceeds his previous work and my expectations with a set of whole songs, rounded-off at the edges just enough to penertrate formats like conventional Top 40, where only the strong survive.

Guitar World, July 1983

Loz Netto

BZAR, 21 Records

From Brian Wilson and David Bowie to Roxy Music and the Cars, rock and roll history has embodied the spirit of neo-romanticism. At its ironic peak, the post-modern static angularity of a Lou Reed or John Cale screams out for love amidst the ruins in very spite of itself.

In his capacity as lead guitarist for mid-seventies semi-smash London undergrounders Sniff'n The Tears, Loz Netto displayed a distinct ability to flash clean and tuff within a framework of spartan funk, not unlike Carlos Alomar's or Earl Slick's work with David Bowie. With an impressionist nod to Phil Manzanera, Loz had that uncanny intuitive ability to perceive the right spot for the perfect fill. After Sniff's disbanding and a couple years recuperation from a nearly fatal cycle accident, Netto has sailed forth with an impeccable solo debut produced by Bowie's Colin Thurston. The flanged snake-work of 'Scenario' attests to his ax inspiration, while the sinuous synthetic syncopations of 'Fade Away' or 'Slow Dancing' (covered by Chaka Kahn joined by Rick James on her upcoming album) displays a stark lyricism reminiscent of Bowie's most fruitful Station to Station period (cf 'TVC15').

Bruce Malamut



Recommended Listening

'Fade Away' 'LOZ NETTO (21)

Look for Album Radio to be deluged with efficient and catchy pop tunes. Now that programmers are becoming more responsive toward revitalizing their playlists, previously unknown acts like Loz Netto stand a fair chance of getting their product heard by shrapneled American listeners. In this case, it's equally the singer and the song. The success of music like this will depend on how snugly the song lends itself toward creative video production and technological excitement.